About Us


MSCBL represents a wide gamut of education services for elementary, middle and high school students, as well as preschool children and adults. MUSICSTAR represents music and performing arts education, while Creative Brain Learning offers academic tutoring services, as well as complete afterschool learning centers and afterschool education components in the fields of science, math, technology, health and fitness, and more.. MSCBL has a national reach. Head offices for both MUSICSTAR and Creative Brain Learning are located in California. For more specific information about each division, please visit their respective websites as follows:

MUSICSTAR LEARNING: www.musicstarlearning.com
MUSICSTAR ACADEMY OF MUSIC: www.musicstaracademy.net


CREATIVE BRAIN LEARNING is currently seeking to lease commercial real estate properties for the purposes of establishing after-school learning centers. More information on the type of facilities we are looking for can be found here: